Brugge to Bastogne, Belgium

28 May 2017

We returned to one of our favourite free stopovers today in Bastogne. This ticked off the Bob (Band of brothers) part of our tour name.

The car park was hotter than hell and with no electric hook up we had to bake with no aircon. Too hot to leave the dogs in the van we took a walk to town keeping in the shade.

Although not very big Bastogne has lots to see and plenty of bars and restaurants. A few photos later we decided to have a drink in Le Nuts where we were surprised in the very American bar our Belgium young waitress spoke no English at all, it would be pot luck what we got.

Still too warm in our vans, we decided to BBQ and eat outside. Neil the hunter gatherer popped back to town to get pomme frites and I emptied the spirit cupboard to make cocktails. A game of tequila shut the box followed with Lisa losing 4 in a row – It was “night night Lisa!”  I’m sure a few more cocktails were drank but the evening becomes fuzzy after that.

Overnight Location: Bastogne Aire, Belgium

Overnight Cost: Free
Overnight Coordinates: 49.99841°N 5.71503°E

Live Tracker:

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