Honfleur to Le Tréport, France

22 April 2017

The bread man’s horn woke us yet again on a French aire, who needs an alarm when the bread man arrives as soon as the sun rises. Normally we don’t make the bread line as running out in your undies would be bad, but the little bread boy today seemed to hang around and honk his horn lots, we think he decided not to leave until he had sold all his produce, so to help out Neil ventured over and purchased a few sticks and baguettes 🥖

Due to the night before cocktails I was suffering a rough head so stayed in bed, after Neil walked the dogs to clear his head he decided to wake me by cooking breakfast. What a mistake! Neil found some sausages in the fridge and lovingly cooked them to perfection and served them in the fresh bread man baguettes. After Neil and Lucy had finished I had one bite and said they tasted funny, checked the wrapper and they were 10 days out of date…. the Thetford might be busy later 😂

Turned out Tesco had delivered them out of date.

A shorter drive today found another seaside town. We parked up in a nice aire on the outskirts of Le Tréport. It also became obvious that many flies had died in the making of this tour…

After a quick lunch in the van we headed off with dogs for a walk abouts. We found great tat shops, bars and a fun fair – Lucy joined the local kids on a ride and had a good time.

After the fair we walked to the cliff lift, (funicular) strangely this was free and had no queue. The top of the cliff was blowy but the sights were good.

We dropped the dogs back to the van and decided to have a final supper out. After walking past several (lots!) of fish 🐟 restaurants we found possibly the only Italian in town and had another good meal. For the second time of the day we giggled when the waitress served horrid beer, we don’t particularly like Leffe but that’s what you get if you simply order beer.

We enjoyed a nice stroll back to the van as the sun set.

Tomorrow will be a short trundle to the Channel Tunnel and the end of another Tour.  Our next European tour is currently planned for July / August – Probably to Poland / Slovakia…

Overnight Location: Le Tréport Aire, France

Overnight Cost: €10

Overnight Coordinates: 50.05927°N 1.38981°E

Live Tracker: https://track.gs/vzOTus

One comment

  1. Great blog. And Poland will be great I am sure for your next trip. I’m disgracefully lax on sell by dates – so reassuring to learn that ten day too old sausages are fine.


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