Futuroscope Theme Park to Honfleur, France

21 April 2017

The Futuroscope Aire had loads of vans but was surprising very quiet. A slow get up saw us serviced and off site by 11am.

We had considered Paris for a Friday night out with the possibility of another Hard Rock Cafe cocktail, but the previous day’s shocking news of a police officer killed on the Champs Elysees some what put us off.

We decided a quiet but touristy town would be best so we headed to the seaside. At Honfleur we found a huge area for Motorhomes along a river a very short distance from town.

With the sun shining we strolled round the pretty little town loving the interesting red and mustard outfits, it was great for people watching. We sat and enjoyed a drink in a bar on the edge of a yacht marina but at €10 a pint we didn’t stay for another.

The dogs gained a lot of attention in the town and everywhere we went people would point or try to stroke them. Golden Retrievers were certainly popular, we saw more in Honfleur in one day than we had the rest of the tour.

After dropping the tired dogs back to the van we headed out to look for dinner, whilst also spotting red trouser wearers. Neil liked the look of moules and frittes while I, as normal, fancied pasta. Luckily we spotted another Italian restaurant and it had both. As it had turned cooler we asked to sit inside, we got directed to a small dining room with only one other table taken, the only other people inside were British.

We had an enjoyable meal, but Honfleur certainly wasn’t a cheap option. Back to the van for cocktails it was and no alarms set for the morning.

Overnight Location: Honfleur Aire, France

Overnight Cost: €11

Overnight Coordinates: 46.66267°N 0.36820°E

Live Tracker: https://track.gs/vzOTus

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