Moissac to Futuroscope Theme Park, France

20 April 2017

Today’s job was to find a vet to get the dogs passports sorted then plough on and enjoy the homeward leg of the tour.

Internet on this tour has been fine, albeit slower than what we’re used to in England. We now use a Three SIM card in a Mifi so we were able to locate a few vets locally on the internet- now to find one who would see us.

The first vet asked us to make an appointment and come back later so we drove on, luckily the second vet was next to a big supermarket car park and fitted us straight away and we were in and out in no time.

The height restriction at the fuel station put us off slightly but with a difference of 30 cents per litre compared to the motorway service stations we cautiously pulled in, we wish they would put signs on these things telling you the height. Full up with fuel we set off.

A theme park took our fancy today but with no current annual passes for Disneyland we decided to look for an alternative. Futuroscope was on route and had great reviews so we picked there for their reduced evening tickets with a light show and camping.

Although very French Futuroscope was good, lots of shows and simulator rides along with a party atmosphere. Lucy did not particularly enjoy being chased by a large illuminated dancing robot but it did make us laugh. We have no idea why he picked on Lucy but he certainly wanted to dance with her and it was quite scary.

After dinner in the park and several rides/ attractions later we sat lakeside to watch the finale light show. It was a shame our translator headsets did not translate the show as it would have been better if you could understand the actors but the lights and music were good and it ended a lovely day.

Overnight Location: Futuroscope Theme Park, France

Overnight Cost: €10

Overnight Coordinates: 46.66267°N 0.36820°E

Live Tracker:

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