Barcelona, Spain to Moissac, France (via Andorra)

19 April 2017

Barcelona nearly ended disastrously when while packing up to leave, I accidentally set fire to the oven gloves. Neil asked what the burning smell was as he entered the van and we both suddenly spotted smoke coming out the grill area. A quick throw the pan outside and water thrown over it put the flames out but that was quite enough excitement for our tired heads. We were so lucky not to have suffered more damage!

We decided now on day 5 we had probably driven as far south as comfortably possible to make it back to Calais by Sunday so we set our SatNav for North and we headed back up towards France. Having visited Andorra on a previous trip and remembering the amazing alcohol prices we could not possibly drive by with out a quick pop in.

On a previous tour we had entered Andorra through the French border but this this time we entered through the Spanish border and saw far more of it- boy do the like their roundabouts and hill starts.

We spent a few hours in Andorra mostly shopping but also allowing Lucy to enjoy the snow, what a difference from the previous days on the warm beaches.

Returning to the van we realised the parking was free for 2 hours, we put our ticket in to discover we had been 2hours and 1minute! €3.50 for 1 minute parking 😂 It was worth it for what we saved on alcohol prices but it was an expensive minute.

From Andorra we navigated the windy mountain roads heading north towards Toulouse. We planned to find a stop somewhere above Toulouse but nothing was set in stone.

After a few hours on the road and several tolls later we picked an aire in a quiet looking town. As we pulled into the aire we instantly spotted travellers and some sort of travelling fun fair, we drove straight back out.

Back on the road the Camper Contact App was back up and an alternative was quickly sought. Luckily an aire less than 6 miles away looked just as nice.

Turned out the travelling funfair did us a favour as the little aire we found was brand new and a great find on the edge of a a town with some life. We parked up in a spacious pitch had dinner then went down town for a looked around then we found a good pub for a drink.

Overnight Location: Moissac Aire, France

Overnight Cost: €6

Overnight Coordinates: 44.09848°N 1.09359°E

Live Tracker:

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