Home to Giffaumont Aire, France

15 April 2017

Due to our eldest son’s 20th Birthday, this years Easter trip could not begin until Easter Saturday, so with only 8 nights away we will not be going too far.

To celebrate Ben’s birthday we went to The Brook in Southampton to see a great Bon Jovi tribute act, so not surprisingly our tour began with cracking hangovers and saw me still blowing chunks on the Channel Tunnel.

The planned tour was “Bob, The Missing Lynx Tour” but sadly our travelling companions suffered a catastrophic engine immobiliser failure, which meant they would be spending their Easter break in the UK, Top Gear Tour rules kicked in and we went on 😦

We blasted off for the tunnel heading to France with no idea where we would be stopping. But we did learn that Easter Saturday was certainly the best day to travel.

We arrived at the tunnel 3 hours ahead of schedule, as it was so quiet they let us go early and we were then quickly in the lovely Giffaumont lakeside resort aire, deep in the Champagne region of France. As we pulled into the aire we were nervous it was full, but with several spaces still available we parked up and found the local pizzeria for an excellent dinner.

After dinner we made good use of the resort’s free wifi to research possibilities for the rest of the week.  We might just keep heading south to find the sun…

Overnight Location: Giffaumont Aire, France

Overnight Cost: €8

Overnight Coordinates: 48.55006°N 4.76857°E

Follow us on our latest Trip with our Live Tracker: https://track.gs/vzOTus

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