Giffaumont to Lyon, France

16 April 2017

As the sun rose on Easter Sunday, the bread van’s siren sounded loud at the barrier of the aire. Luckily the Easter bunny had visted our van, so we had a chocolate breakfast and did not need to queue like the French folk who rushed to see his produce.

After our boiled and chocolate egg breakfast we packed up and with no plans and no agenda we decided the weather looked better South West, so a Tour de France ‘Go Bradley Tour’ was agreed. We drove South.

We spotted a Hard Rock Cafe in Lyon, so a stopover was required, this worked well on route and we were all adequately hungry once we arrived. Unfortunately, Lyon’s Hard Rock Cafe was quite disappointing; they had sold out of keeper glasses and their menu was very limited – we moved on! Thankfully we managed to spot a Hurricane glass on display in the shop as we left and begged the shop girl to sell it to me, trip saved.
Leaving the Hard Rock Cafe we looked for dinner and to our surprise, in a busy city, we discovered nothing much more was open until 1900 on a Sunday. We walked and took in the sights for quite a while until we decided even a beer would do, so we stumbled into a bar. After the strangest lemon beer we noticed the bar had a menu and ended up having an un-planned awesome French meal.

Following the obligatory Irish Bar visit (Kelly’s), it was a quick Uber ride back to the van and Lyon had proved to be a good stop over.

Overnight Location: Lyon International Camping, France –

Overnight Cost: €26

Overnight Coordinates: 45.81980°N 4.76120°E

Live Tracker:

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