Han-sur-Lesse to Tournai, Belgium

29th October 2016
From Han-sur-Lesse we headed towards home not sure where we’d stop for our last night of fun but we definitely needed a final supper night out. 
The route took us via The Trappist Abbey of Rochefort, this is where Monks apparently make the best beer in the world. We found the carpark but no-one was home and we couldn’t find a gift shop so we moved on empty handed. 

Today was our last chance for supermarket cheap wine and beer so we headed to France to stock up. Our TomTom truckman sat nav probably chose the worse time to fail us and navigated us through tiny cobbled streets and eventually announced we were at destination with no Carrefour to be seen. It probably didn’t help a tiny town it took us through was being rebuilt and the diversion took us up people back alleys.

A re-boot of the sat nav while we used a real map to navigate finally found a Carrefour with a height barrier, very stressed we parked with the high vehicles and shopping commenced. 

With the van full we begun to look for a night stopover, we needed to be near enough to Calais for our next day tunnel but also far enough away not to be with the immigrants. Playing safe we headed back to Belgium and the lovely town of Tournai another free stopover right in town. 

Tournai was good with lots to see and do, we eventually picked a restaurant with the rudest waiter of all time but the huge bigger than physically possible to eat portions made up for it. Doggy bags were required which we then had to carry round for the rest of the evening. 

So another European Trip is coming to an end. The next trip will probably be Easter 2017 and at this point in time, we have no idea where we will be going.  All of the Hard Rock Cafés in Portugal, Spain and France gets my vote…

Overnight Location: Tournai Aire, Belgium

Overnight Coordinates: N50.60463, E3.38071

Follow us with our Live Tracker: https://track.gs/YsY78o

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