Mainz, Germany to Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium

28th October 2016

Fed up with churches, statues, shopping, pubs and restaurants we decided today to do something different. Amy poo poo’d a theme park as she wouldn’t go on rides so we looked for a zoo. 

Hans-sur-Lesse with it’s Wildlife park was perfect, it was on route and we’d been before so we knew the parking was good and the small town was fun. 

On-route we had to quickly stop because someone had parked a random Concorde next to the road.

After purchasing out safari tour tickets for their land train we realised we had literally just missed one so had an hours wait. 

We headed to the shops, unlike a previous August when we’d previously visited and it was very busy today the town was like a ghost town the first shop we found had a sign in the door saying to ring the bell if you wanted it to open. The second shop we found was much better and I was in heaven, an antique come second hand junk shop. Amy purchased a lovely framed Jesus picture and I gained more glasses. 

We managed to spend so long in the junk shop it was now time for the wildlife safari. As the only British we boarded the safari train on the back row and we were the only people to join in with the Belgium singing as the trained drove us to the park. 

The safari took about an hour, luckily the driver gave us a translated (badly) paper guide as the tour tannoy was in French or German only this didn’t bother us as Neil provided us with commentary from the paper guide. The highlight of the tour for me was a baby highland cow, I wanted to take him home. The highlight for everyone else was the amazing brown bears which you could get very close to. Hans Sur Les is a must, we all really enjoyed the safari.

After dinner we headed out for a few drinks, the ghost town now didn’t even have ghosts. Out of the 7 bars or restaurants only two were now open, we’d obviously have to try both. Myself and Neil ordered Juplier while Amy went for a Stella, we all chucked when we watched the waitress pour them all from the same pump but when Amy’s arrived it had a huge head and smelt like egg, she bravely drank it. Being back in Belgium Betty enjoyed cherry beer which she declared she would be buying more of at the supermarket in the morning. 

Back at the van it was only right we were not the quietest as a random Belgium camper had decided to park right next to us, literally with our doors touching. They probably regretted this within minutes of us being back. 

Overnight Location: Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium

Overnight Coordinates: 50.12764°N 5.18798°E

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