Augsburg to Mainz, Germany

27th October 2016

From Augsburg we headed to Mainz, this was another unplanned destination but was in the right direction and looked quite good.

On route we spotted a Lidl type supermarket which was bound to have baguettes for lunch and cheap plastic bottled beer (which Neil doesn’t rate but we love) it also had a separate bakery where the lady refused to sell me 5 donuts but ranted at me to buy 4, I think they were on special offer and they were the biggest and best donuts ever with more sugar than donut. 

Our tour has become a Weston shore tower block, Bundesleague tour with every stop over either being in a council estate tower block area or a football stadium carpark. As we approached the Mainz aire we were all a little nervous to be parking under the biggest tower block of all. The aire itself was in the corner of a large carpark and was fenced in with marked pitches. As we pulled up to the gate a very friendly German attendant greeted us welcoming us to Mainz, he walked us to our pitch and then explained to put our €10 fee in an envelope and post it in a box at the entrance, we’re not sure why he couldn’t take it but we followed his rules.

Mainz centre was a short fun walk away, the campsite had provided an easy to follow map which luckily took us passed a Woolworths. No pick and mix but otherwise same old Woolworths, it was like stepping back in time. I managed to buy a red bucket for a prize in a raffle I am organising for New Year, surely carrying a red bucket round for the rest of the night wouldn’t draw attention to me! The bucket did provide a few laughs every time I placed it under a table and then told people not to kick the bucket. 

I had checked out trip advisor and one of the best restaurant in Mainz was called Hintz & Kuntz, I obviously wanted to go there even though I did not recognise anything on the menu- we found the restaurant but Pizza Hut was opposite and this had food we recognised. 

Overnight Location: Mainz, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 49.99883°N 8.24632°E

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  1. If I had known you were staying in Mainz I would have recommended the Beer Fest place Wonderful food and great home brewed beer in Mainx Sud . Moragxxxxx


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