Münich to Augsburg via Dachau, Germany

26th October 2016

We packed up and left The Alliance Stadium ushered out by security as Bayer Munich were due to play and the aire is only open on non match days, we annoyingly paid the ticket only to realise as we left that all the gates were open anyway! 

From Munich we popped to Dachau where we found a vet to get the dogs passports stamped and a small town for a wander around before lunch. 

After lunch we popped to Dachau concentration camp, this was quite somber but a must do. The history and stories were very sad but the memorial was nice, it felt right we spent some time there. 


The stopover for the night needed to be fun to cheer us up so another busy town was picked. The reviews of Augsburg mentioned noisy water and after parking up we realised exactly what that meant when the river suddenly gushed as the sluice gate opened, this would go on all night but at least it drowned out the sound of the traffic. 

The town was a short walk away and along the way we filled our pockets with conkers, the German kids don’t seem to play so we managed to get loads in fact too many to carry or ever use. 

Wikipedia had Augsburg down as a medieval old town, we walked for ages but it all seemed new not medieval at all. Finally we found a huge church and horse statue for our sight seeing photos and it was time for a drink. 

We found a packed Irish bar with the biggest projector TV screens in the world and we sat down just in time for Bayer Munich Vs Augsburg football, the very game they ushered us out of The Alliance Stadium for and the town we were in. I initially began cheering for Munich but after celebrating Munich’s first goal and getting glared at like cheering for Southampton while in Portsmuff I switched to supporting Augsburg who eventually lost. All was not lost though as during the first few minutes a waiter put some paper on our table and told us to guess the score and hand it in at the bar the right score at 90mins would win a beer- Neil won with 3-1. 

Overnight Location: Augsburg, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 48.36961°N 10.87768°E

Follow us with our Live Tracker: https://track.gs/YsY78o

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