Prague, Czech Republic to Münich, Germany

25th October 2016

Having enjoyed our Hard Rock Cafe cocktails so much in Prague we decided to head to another Hard Rock Cafe so Munich would be the fifth night’s destination. 

Last time we went the Munich the Alliance Stadium aire was closed due to a football match so we ended up staying in a small village outside Munich, this time we were in luck and neither team were home or playing so we could park up in the stadium carpark for the night.

On route from Prague to Munich we stopped in at a Czech supermarket to spend the rest of our Czech Kč, we made a slight mistake going in hungry as we filled our trolleys within seconds of being in the bakery section. 

A short train journey into the city took us to the largest underground station ever – I’m sure it took us at least 30mins to navigate our way out of the station. 

We found a huge food and drink market in one square so we decided it must be a Christmas market, we got a few strange looks when we started singing carols. 

After sight seeing and shopping we stopped for refreshments and a mandatory stein in the Haufbrau house. Betty who still doesn’t like lager opted for a stein of radler and then still needed to pour squash into it which she’d packed in her bag. 

From the Hofbrau House we staggered the few steps across the street into The Hard Rock Cafe. The meet and greet lady at the cafe door had some disappointing news and due to the fact they were awaiting a coach party of 100 people they had no tables available, she offered us bar stools which we accepted. We spent some time looking through the cocktail menu but after 20 mins of no waitress or barman we walked out thinking it could only get worse when the coach party arrived. 

Now hungry and thirsty we set about looking for somewhere to eat, in the middle of a huge city it was hard to believe we couldn’t find anywhere suitable or with a table. Finally after several establishments later we found an Italian which would have to do and it did just fine. 

Overnight Location: Bayern Münich Stadium Parking

Overnight Coordinates: 48.22053°N 11.62479°E

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  1. Was Karrina “dancing” in the Haufbrau house !! That will get us Brits a bad name !


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