Erfurt, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic 

23rd & 24th October, 2016
Today saw us head to the 5th and probably last different country of this tour. We set off from Erfurt in no particular rush knowing we had a campsite booking in Prague but we were all keen to get to the Czech Republic having never been there before. We had to book a campsite as the Czechs don’t have as many Aires as other European countries and most campsite closed at the end of September. 
The weather was not the best so we were glad to be driving, very strangely as we crossed the Czech border it became very foggy but this cleared as we approached Prague and we had a good view over the huge city on the drive in. 

We followed a British van in to the campsite which was on an island and easy to find. Neil made friends in reception while we took a look at the communal toilets and shower block, showers would be fun. 

While the other British van fannied around we pulled into the first empty pitch and hooked up the electric then we were ready for fun. 

The receptionist was very helpful and provided a map along with tram tickets to the centre, she also gave advice of where not to go, we’d be sure to end up there. 

The tram was a few minutes stroll away and within no time at all we were in the Old Town with all the other tourists doing tourist stuff. 

After lots of photos, tac buying and randomly walking looking at buildings we deciding it was drinking time. The first pub we entered was busy with Chelsea Vs Man U we sat down under the biggest TV screen and felt like the whole pub was looking at us when they were watching the football. As we placed our order the waitress asked Betty for her ID, we had not realised you had to be 18 to drink in Czech Republic, poor Betty was back on to cola. 

After the football and laughing at all the Man U fans we headed to find dinner. With more restaurants than imaginable it was hard to pick one but we stumbled upon an Italian which looked nice, we did take a look in Hooters but decided it looked a bit stag do like for us. 

After a lovely meal we headed back to the van noting the location of a Chocolate Cafe and Hard Rock Cafe for tomorrow. 

Having two nights in Prague meant day two could be a slower get up, while Neil walked the dogs I prepared a cooked breakfast and using the campsite wifi we checked out trip advisor for things to see. 

We decided to take the tram to the main shopping area rather than the Old Town, we were not disappointed with shops. 

Once shopped out we headed to a Chocolate Cafe which was highly recommended to us. Lucy was most excited about the hot chocolate and chocolate cake experience and it did look really nice.

Neil opted for a whiskey banana hot chocolate with a nut cake, I went for a whiskey orange hot chocolate and carrot cake, Amy went for a strawberry liquor hot chocolate with Black Forest cheese cake, Betty picked chocolate cheese cake and a cola and Lucy went for double hot chocolate with ice cream and a chocolate gateaux. Boy oh boy chocolate overload! 

My chocolate cocktail was possible the strangest thing I have ever drunk, it was thick like literally melted chocolate but burnt like drinking neat whiskey. The drink actually made my face twitch like it was having an epileptic fit. Only leaving half a centimetre in the bottom of the cup was an amazing achievement but I did then vom.  

With everyone feeling very full and sick we decided to walk the chocolate off and do some more sight seeing before our cocktail stop in The Hard Rock Cafe. 

Betty had told us at the beginning of the trip that she had not ever tried a cocktail and after her Prague Hard Rock Cafe Margherita which tasted like sea water she may never want one again! 

Souvenir Hurricane glasses purchased and cocktails drunk we headed back to the van to let the dogs out and have dinner. 

The route back was interesting and Neil would say we were never lost as he could see where we were on the map the whole time but randomly wandering looking for trams seemed to take us a while and probably through the part of town where the receptionist had said not to go. 

After dinner we popped the the nearest bar to the campsite but as we approached it was in darkness and as our campsite bar and restaurant closed in September it looked like we’d be having an early night. 

Overnight Location: Prague Caravan Camping

Overnight Coordinates: 50.05530°N 14.41336°E

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