Bastogne, Belgium to Erfurt, Germany

22nd October 2016

From Bastogne we headed to Dresden – It was going to be a long numb bum day. The 450 miles seemed like a good idea, but by our lunchtime lay-by stop we were all bored and wishing we were at our destination. We decided to look for a closer stop over on the direct route to Prague. After all we only picked Dresden as it was a random city we’d heard of and it would still be there another trip.

Whilst Neil was driving and unable to get too involved I looked for a suitable stopover. The criteria was simple, a town or city with plenty to do and the funnier the place name the better. I was hoping to find a ‘Bad’ place but Erfurt looked best, with three possibilities of camping we’d be sure to park up.

The first of the stopovers was listed as a camping village, this looked good on the website but was actually set amongst tower blocks resembling Weston or even Thornhill. Luckily the site was full so we headed to the second possibility which was in the corner of the town park and ride. 

The park and ride car park was heaving with people everywhere. The people all seemed to be flocking to what looked like a huge town hall, obviously we would park up and investigate. So glad we did as we found a huge indoor jumble sale (flea market) where we spent an hour or so wandering round. I am sure we were the only Brits who had ever been to their sale and we were stared at quite a bit. 

After dinner we took the tram to town and hit the bars of the Old town, Betty is starting to realise she needs to find a drink she likes other than cider as the Germans don’t do cider. 

Heading home we had a 15min wait for the tram so we took a look around the station, while me and Amy popped in the loo Neil, Betty and Lucy could resist a cheeky midnight McDonalds. We ate our midnight feast and giggled the whole tram journey back. 

Overnight Location: Erfurt P&R Stadium Parking

Overnight Coordinates: 50.95863°N 11.03730°E

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