Home to Bastogne, Belgium

21st October 2016

The “Nobody Knows, Follow your Nose Tour 2016” happened to begin on our daughter Lucy’s 10th Birthday. With a long journey ahead hoping to get to Bastogne for a night out we decided to have a lie in, this was rudely interrupted by a very excited 10 year old bouncing on the bed singing happy birthday to herself. 

I felt better organised for this tour but the morning quickly disappeared whilst throwing everything into the van and it was soon midday and time to leave in what felt like a blink of the eye. 

After the guys in the back had previously mentioned they couldn’t see anything when in the cab we shout look at that they were in for a treat as Neil had fitted a dash camera screen on the dinette. Passengers in the rear now have full view of the road and surroundings ahead and I bet they still stare at the phones and tablets the whole way! 

Our journey to Folkestone was one of the clearest runs ever and having been emailed by Eurotunnel to expect delays we were pleasantly surprised to get straight through and onto a train with literally only time to let the dogs out briefly. 

We made it Bastogne in good time and as we’d been there before we found the parking with no trouble at all. We headed out to celebrate Lucy’s birthday and all wished we had put more clothes on, it was colder than expected.  

Overnight Location- Bastogne, Belgium 

Overnight Coordinates –  49.99841°N 5.71503°E

Follow us with our Live Tracker – https://track.gs/YsY78o

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