Counting Down – Ten Days to Go…

With ten days to go before our next big European motorhome trip, preparations are becoming hectic. The plan has changed several times and even now there are some aspects that we will not know for sure until we hit the road. But that is the joy of a motorhome trip in Europe – The only thing booked is our channel crossings and everything else inbetween can change as we go.

As of today, the rough plan is to head over to Prague via Bastogne, Colditz Castle and Dresden and then return via Bavaria with stops at Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, Dachau, Nuremberg and the Nurburgring.

The Rough Plan

Our water heater has had an intermittent fault for a while now and we resorted to using electric only for heating water on the last trip. I don’t think we will be so lucky finding EHU every night on this trip and cold showers in autumnal Eastern Europe don’t appeal.  Striping the Truma Ultrastore water heater down has revealed that it had been leaking internally for a long time and needed various new parts (including a gas burner and tank). The final new part is due to arrive later this week and then we should (fingers crossed) then have a fully functioning gas and electric water heater. If not, we should be able to compile a comprehensive review of Soviet era shower blocks during our trip.

Our Poorly Water Heater

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