Ventspils, Latvia

4th August 2016

Today was Jake’s Birthday and we had considered a water theme park but at 10am although in the 20s it didn’t feel warm enough to prance about in swimmers, to be honest swimming pools with flumes are my idea of hell anyway.

The Blachfords decided to head to a kids adventure land park while we headed off for our Cow Parade cycling tour.

At the bike hire hut we noticed a tandem and seeing as there were no cycle helmets we thought best Lucy went with Neil, obviously for my entertainment too! We had an amazing few hours cycling round Ventspils hunting cows with lots of giggles and ouches as Neil’s ankles got hit when Lucy would pedal when she shouldn’t. Our Dutch friends from the campsite had also decided to take a cycling tour of Ventspils and we awkwardly bumped into them round every corner. We eventually met up with The Blachfords at the adventure park and Lucy briefly got to have a turn on a trampoline.

As we were cycling back we suddenly noticed the time was approaching 5pm, we hired the bikes at midday and they had to be back within 5hours! We had ridden for 5 hours, no wonder my legs were a little wobbly. Worried about the time we cycled back as quick as our legs could.

For Jake’s Birthday meal we decided to take taxis into town to find a restaurant, there were quite a few bistro type cafes but not much choice of larger restaurants. We looked through the food guide in the reception and all agreed a Texmex American style restaurant looked the best. After a round of Happy Birthday with his cake at the vans we called for taxis and heading out.

The restaurant was good, it had a kids arcade upstairs with even an arm wrestling table. After ordering our food the waitress came over to tell us there was over an hours wait for the kitchen! With no where else to go it looked like we’d be drinking while we wait.
Food was good and we taxi’d back ready for our early morning ferry wake up.

Overnight Location: Ventspils Camping
Overnight Coordinates: 57.38415°N 21.53513°E

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