Tallinn to Aseri Vald, Estonia

31st July 2016

We decided we couldn’t leave Tallinn until we had visited the huge Television tower which you could see from everywhere in Tallinn.

We left the van heading for the bus stop, we we’re going left to the TV Tower while the Blachfords had decided to go into town on a search for Pandora, Vickey had not yet purchased a holiday charm. Suddenly a flash of lightening and a blast of thunder saw the sky turn dark, we made what turned out to be a sensible choice and ran back to the van for jackets.

If I’m honest the tower looked pretty grim as we approached. From a distance it had looked much better, it had quite a Soviet feel to it.

Thankfully inside was totally different, it felt fresh and new and really quite exciting.

We posed for photos in the souvenir shop and then purchased our tickets and headed to the top. Lucy had seen an advert for ‘The Edge Walk’ where people wear harnesses and dangle off the top of the tower, she was very keen to do this.

The viewing platform was amazing, you could see for miles and stand on glass windows to wave to people below. At the very top there was a restaurant where we decided to have lunch. To mine and Neil’s relief but to Lucy’s disappointment there was an age restriction on The Edge walking and Lucy was too young. We did get to go outside behind a fence which was still quite scary – Lucy loved it.

We enjoyed another thunder storm while at the top of the tower, we were so glad to be in the dry but it was a bit eerie hoping the tower wouldn’t get struck by lightening.

We’re not sure how long we spent up the tower but after quite sometime a loud speaker announcement reminded visitors that their tickets permitted them to one hour access, we did not know this and had definitely been longer. We took the lift back down the the bottom and snuck out into the shop knowing the announcement was directed at us.

More thunder and lightening during our bus trip back helped us make the decision to run for the nearest cover at our stop. The nearest cover turned out a huge supermarket so a shopping trip was next where we purchased more crazy souvenirs and milk which turned out to be badly off.

Once the rain had stopped we returned to the van to pack up to move on.

We picked a quiet stopover for our next site. Another beach site but in the middle of no where. We would BBQ and have an evening in at the vans.

The site at Aseri Vald in Estonia was really well kept with great facilities. They had a staircase down the the beach which passed their own sauna and a marquee for shared use. We enjoyed a stroll on the beach and then a game of darts in the marquee.

Overnight Location: Aseri Vald, Estonia
Overnight Coordinates: 59.43534°N 26.95512°E

Follow us with our Live Tracker: https://track.gs/uCQlbU

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