Kaunas, Lithuania to Riga, Latvia

28 July 2016
Kaunas was a wash out morning, a storm with amazing thunder and lightning at 8am made us change our minds about going for a swim on the beach.

As the campsite slowly emptied we also packed up and moved on. We headed for Riga, the capital of Latvia. Driving from Lithuania to Latvia did not have many route options and the only main road was single carriageway and to be honest quite boring. The journey was occasionally broke up by complete nutter suicidal over takers and sometimes when stuck behind tractors we also had to brave it and overtake, very scary.

Our campsite in Riga was a taxi ride away from the centre in a lovely marina with big pitches and facilities. The owner spoke perfect English and laughed at our paperwork when I filled out the form saying I was English and Vickey put British, he said either way you’re leaving The EU, Boo!

The dogs had to stay to guard camp again but to be honest they probably wouldn’t enjoy a busy city centre anyway. They could rest in the air con van while we would bake in city.

Our taxi driver to the Riga centre didn’t actually speak once and certainly did not laugh when Neil jumped in and said follow that cab, pointing at Mike n Vickey’s cab. Luckily it was a short journey as it was quite uncomfortable.

As capital cities go Riga is small but full of tourist sights and lively streets. We ended up having a drink in an awesome American Harley Davidson bar with music memorabilia everywhere. We then tried an Irish pub but the food was odd so we ended up in TGIs. Strangely it felt just like Fareham, we went all the way to Riga and ended up feeling like we were a few miles from home!

Riga was wet, the thunder storms had followed us so we ran from shop to shop keeping dry. Although wet it was still hot and humid. One thing for sure Riga was like most capitals and quite pricey, £5+ pints did not impress us.

The taxi back was much better, the very chatty driver asked where we were from then spent most the journey telling us how bad English food is. We asked if he’d been to England and tried the food and he replied no but he’s been to Oslo! He gave us his number and also said if we needed anything during our stay we should look him up on Facebook, we didn’t have the heart to tell him we were leaving in the morning.

Overnight Location: Riga Riverside Camping

Overnight Coordinates: 57.24707°N 24.40400°E

Live Tracker: https://track.gs/uCQlbU

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