Gizycko, Poland to Kaunas, Lithuania 

27th July 2016
A quick swim was on the cards before leaving Gizycko as the bathing area looked lovely. The men folk and Lucy donned their best swim wear and we heading to the pontoon. Lucy the real girl was the bravest and while the others dipped their toes and complained it was Baltic she was off swimming round the lake. The boys acted like girls blouses but after Neil jumped in they all followed.

After the swimming we set off to find Hitler’s secret Wolf Liar, we heard out about this in the tourist information office who advised it was not far away.
What a good decision to visit the Lair turned out to be. It was a strange creepy wooded area with bunkers, buildings and blown up stuff. We found ourselves climbing through dark passages and following a trail with a leaflet that Neil would refer to for interesting facts. We posed for a photo where a failed attempted assassination on Hitler took place and went inside his actual Lair.
Luckily the Wolfs Lair was in a heavily wooded area so it was cool enough for the dogs but as lunch approached it was again getting hot so we hit the road to get air movement to cool us all down.

Our next stop on route was a border point which saw three Countries’ border each other. This was where Poland, Russia and Lithuania met and was a definite photo stop.

We parked up in the tourist carpark and as we approached the point of interest we spotted a border police car and sure enough they had guns. All the signs advised not to step into the Russian section and not to take photos of Russia but the police guarding were Lithuanian, surely they wouldn’t care if we just put a foot in! Yes they did but only if we crossed from Lithuania into Russia, they were happy to let us cross Poland into Russia :-/

All back aboard it was on to our stop for the night, the small city of Kaunas in Lithuania.

But then we spotted a shop so our third stop on route was at a Lidl to purchase some essentials, after all we had even away for over a week now so even the Cravendale milk and stay fresh bread had run out.

The campsite looked busy as we approached but the receptionist advised it would be fine and told us just to park anywhere. We drove round getting some very funny looks then eventually dumped the vans blocking people in, it was nice and cosy.
Having driven for several hours and it still being 30degrees at 9pm we decided to take short taxi rides into the town to find food. We quickly set the air conditioning up and left the dogs to guard the camp and snooze.
Due to an hours time difference between Poland and Lithuania it was actually gone 10pm by the time we found a suitable restaurant. Luckily we got dropped right outside an Italian with outside seating in a nice square in the old town. We enjoyed a lovely meal, it was slightly dearer than Poland but still cheap with large Pizzas approx £4.

Our return taxi driver took us a completely different route back from the one there, several times Neil asked to check if the driver was sure he knew where we were going and luckily he did and for the same price as the way we arrived back at the site.

Overnight Location: Kaunas Camping

Overnight Coordinates: 56.96492°N 24.08190°E

Live Tracker:

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