Gdansk to Gizycko, Poland

26th July 2016
We decided to start our day with a Polish breakfast so an early start saw us sat in the campsite bar at 8am. The menu consisted of mostly scrambled eggs with an array of different meats or toast. Out of the 8 of us we ordered 5 different options hoping one of us might get something edible. I have to say mine was the strangest as turned out the sausages I ordered were hotdogs, who has hotdogs with salad for breakfast! The scrambled eggs were delicious and everyone enjoyed their food.

From Gdansk we set off for another site in Poland, Gizycko. This time on a lake which we were hoping the children could swim in.
Following a quiet drive which seemed to have road works the entire way we arrived in a lovely looking marina during the heat of the day. The electrics needed promptly locating and air conditioning plugged in ASAP as we were all melting. As we parked up a brief thunderstorm caused a sudden down pour, this was light relief but very brief.

Neil took the dogs for a quick stroll and was ushered away from an area to the side of van by some men in lifeguard looking uniforms, it turned out he was walking on the helipad and a helicopter was due any minute! The kids were really impressed as the huge helicopter approached and then landed right next to our vans, of course this then became ‘can we go on it?’ disappointment 😂

The marina had good facilities including a kitchen so we shoved some laundry in and then headed towards a beach and funfair area. Swimming would be possible here as the marina had a cordoned off swimming area with lifeguards and platforms but we decided to leave the swimming for the morning as there was so much more to see and do.
A walk round the town proved quite hard work as it seemed to be getting hotter and hotter, air conditioned bars and shops were the places to be.
We enjoyed the evening with a BBQ at the vans then popped to the nearby funfair. As we approached with 4 very excited children all of a sudden the lights went out and the gates closed 😦 we’d left it too late. Luckily the surrounding area was full of stalls and arcade type games so we played these instead into the evening.

Tomorrow would be a quick swim for the humans and then on to Lithuania.

Overnight Location: Gizycko Marina

Overnight Coordinates: 54.03140°N 21.77463°E

Live Tracker:

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