Home to Hamelin, Germany

Very unusual for us Shazellios, but our summer tour seemed to sneak up on us this year. We dropped Lucy for her final half day in year 4 and to collect her 100% attendance trophy and then went into panic mode to totally load the van in 3 hours. 3 hours might usually have been enough to fill the van with 20 days worth of food, drink and clothing as well as kayaks, dinghies, life jackets and all the normal summer holiday crap, but it wouldn’t be a OBE tour without a problem with the van that would need fixing.

This years pre-set off trouble would be a water heater fail, travelling to countries where you feel you need a shower three times a day would not be good with no hot water! Luckily a new gas regulator and heater element arrived literally in time and Neil had the job of fitting these in our 3 hour window of being ready!

With not much time to spare and everything literally thrown in the van my hero finished his diy and we made the 13:15 pick up in the van.

Our teenagers opted to stay home and guard base camp this year 😦 Missing them already and hope my house is still standing on our return.

We made the channel tunnel in good time, suffered no delays and drove the 537 miles through the evening arriving at our planned destination in the 5th country of the day (Germany) just after 2am, it was still very hot then.

Waiting at the Channel Tunnel
Waiting at the Channel Tunnel
Dug has found his new favourite seat
Hotter than Hell
Hotter than Hell


Overnight Location – Hamelin Stellplatz, Germany

Coordinates – 52.09608°N 9.35823°E

Follow us during this Trip with our Live Trackerhttps://track.gs/uCQlbU

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