Counting down to the next trip, Twitter and Live Tracking

It’s under 40 days now until we set off again for our trip to the Baltic states, although the mundane school and work things need to be done in the meantime.

There is a degree of the unknown in our planning. We have never been to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia before and questions regarding tolls, currencies, weather, mosquitos, etc do not seem to have simple answers. The research is ongoing and potential campsites that we like the look of can be seen on the map below (purple dots are the ones we like the look of and green dots are where we have already stayed).


The trip will include a 24 hour Baltic Ferry trip (with doggy friendly cabin), which will reduce the driving miles by depositing us back into Germany towards the end of the trip.

We are going to try a couple of new things with the Blog for this trip, with a Twitter feed that can be found at @N5_XXL and a Live Tracker.

The Live Tracker will show exactly where we are and where we have been on a fully zoomable and Street View enabled Google Map. We tested it on our last trip, but did not publish the link until after the trip – This time it will be live! Take a look at the test link from our last trip to see what to expect – N5 XXL Live Tracker

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  1. Very interesting bus. We are coming to the end of renovating a large lorry based motorhome we bought last year which is also 10m long. The comments about narrow streets and tight mountain roads have been our biggest fear in setting off in the beast 🙂


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