Home Again

A pretty uneventful trip via the Calais Wine Superstore, Auchan supermarket fuel station, Pet Passport Reception and the Channel Tunnel saw us back in the UK and making a detour to see a 6 week old golden retriever puppy, prior to hopefully picking him up next week.

So no new big trips now until Easter 2016 when the new puppy will be old enough to join Rory on our next adventure.  Below is a map of this trip, which can also be seen with all of our other XXL Motorhome Trip maps on our Map Page.

This trip we did a total of 900 miles during the ten days in mainland Europe, averaging 41 mph and staying in nine different locations.

Starting back in April, with two extended periods back in the UK to do mundane things like work and school, the whole Trilogy 2015 saw us do 5459 miles over 37 days.  Roll on next year…

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