Koblenz, Germany

Job of the day was to find a vet. As part of the UK Pet Passport Scheme, Rory must see a vet and have his passport stamped some when between 5 days and 24 hours before return, finding and going to a vet is always entertaining.
We headed first to a vet we’d seen on a map near our Aire in Bernkastel this turned out to be closed but did give us the opportunity for shopping, I managed to buy a special prize for a crazy cat loving friend and some other local nasty alcohol. Lucy went in the bakery to assist with buying bread for lunch and came out with what looked like a donut man, turned out to be quite nice.


From Bernkastel we went to Cochem, we were sure to find a vet here! We parked up and luckily found a vet on the map who also had a website. The vets was due to open at 16:00 so we had a few hours to waste while we waited.

Walking into town, whilst I was in a shop, Neil and Lucy found a noddy train. After confirming Rory was allowed on and that there would be English translation of the guide we boarded. The tour lasted 22 minutes and took us round the whole town down some very narrow streets.
The vet did not fail to be entertaining. We arrived a good 25 mins early and sat on the door step to wait. A young lad let us in and welcomed us into the waiting room, he weighed Rory and then advised his father would be along shortly. Whilst waiting two young girls arrived with their dog who had lost a leg, very upsettingly the dogs leg was wrapped in a carrier bag we could not have asked questions if we’d wanted to but can only imagine what happened 😦

We were in and out the vet within 15mins but were unfortunately charged €44 as he would not use the worming tablets we had taken with us- some you win some you lose. Rory was now ready to return home.
From Cochem we headed a day early to Koblenz. The drive was uneventful until we approached the city itself when we hit rush hour traffic then slowly crawled for a while. Once we were in the city heading towards the campsite signs along the main road started warning of a 3.5t weight limit and a 3.2m height restriction, worryingly our truckman satnav wanted us to proceed, we turned off.

We found the campsite just as it turned dark, the stellplatz were annoyingly all full and after our scary drive in we were not going else where so into the main campsite we went. At least we could plug in and use all their facilities.

We opted to eat out and took the sort walk to the main city across The Mossel, Lucy has decided after so many days of driving along the same river it use be the longest river ever! Using trip advisor we located an Italian which was rated 9th out of 224 restaurants in the city. We did look at No 4 but it was far too busy and had nothing on the very German looking menu we could understand.
The Italian was a good choice and we had a nice meal. The journey back towards the van saw us stumble upon a haunted Irish pub which had decorated to the full for Halloween, we listened to the live band while we had a quick beer then walked back across the river to the van.

Overnight Location –

Koblenz Camping

Overnight Sat Nav – 50.36695°N 7.60605°E

Overnight Location Cost – €38!!!

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