Boulogne, France

Mornings in Bruges are never my favourite as I normally have a hangover and today was no different. We slept through till 10am and then before departing we walked to the town for a bit of shopping, chocolate and souvenir buying.

We briefly considered staying in Bruges for a second night but as we’d been there so many times before we decided to move on and find somewhere new and closer to the tunnel.

After a quick lunch and Belgian supermarket stop we headed back into France. We had planned to stay in Bologne on our Oh La La summer tour but plans changed so we didn’t so this time we decided we would, after all it was on one of my tour Tshirts.

We parked in a casino car park minutes from town, the camper-contact app said the Aire was closed but we decided to drive by and take a look. It was a good job we did as it was full of vans (no Brits) and it was free.


We took Lucy on a scary Halloween walk round castle walls and through a dark church archway before we found an over priced weird restaurant for dinner, at €6.50 a pint we would not be drinking much there. France is definitely more expensive than Germany or Belgium.

Lucy decided to buy a beret as her Halloween costume and walked round pretending to be a dead artist – she failed to get any trick or treats but did look funny.

Overnight Location – Boulogne Casino Aire

Overnight Sat Nav – 50.72109°N 1.59998°E

Overnight Location Cost – Free

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