Trier, Germany

It barely felt like we’d done our belts up and we arrived at today’s Aire in Trier, Lucy was totally confused as we only moved on 15 miles when normally we drive for hours.
We parked up again by a river and only a short walk into town. Our Aire was a few minutes from a McDonalds so this was lunch sorted. We then headed to the town which turned out to be a huge City. We shopped and sight saw then stumbled upon a mobile funfair. Lucy somehow persuaded me to go on a twister type ride which was horrendous, I was praying for my life but laughing to stop myself crying, Lucy loved it.


We met up with Neil’s brother Ian for the evening, after a few beers in the Irish pub and a good catch up we found a lovely Italian restaurant for a pizza, the free grapper nasty shots were not so lovely but appreciated. A different Irish pub for a night cap on route back helped us decide to get a taxi which was easier with Ian’s German vocabulary.

Overnight Location – Trier Aire

Overnight Sat Nav – 49.74087°N 6.62497°E

Overnight Location Cost – €9.20

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