Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

We woke up with slightly thick heads from our night before on the town so bacon sandwiches were in order before we said farewell to Ian and then left Trier heading for Bernkastel, another short drive today – only 20 ish miles.

The short  drive took us past a Marktkauf so a quick spin around with our truckman satnav going nuts saw us park up and more crazy shopping commenced. I’d spent many hours in a Marktkauf in Osnabruck when I lived there 17 years ago and it felt just like a time warp going in even with the same car trolleys Benji used to beg to go in.

We arrived in Bernkastel by lunchtime and found a lovely site again along the river Mosel, this site was the first with fellow Brits but although we tried they refrained from speaking to us. We opted to ride into town today so Rory stayed guard at the camp.

The town was great, quite quaint and very German. Cool alcohol shops and tat shop every corner you turned. We had a hot chocolate and beer in a little cafe then walked round looking at the sights, today we found far more tourists than before, we fitted right in.

We rode back to the van before darkness and enjoyed a few games before Lucy had an early night with a movie and we settled down for midweek football on Sky TV hoping for a Saints win.


Overnight Location – Bernkastel Aire

Overnight Sat Nav – 49.93270°N 7.06345°E

Overnight Location Cost – €13 (with electric hook-up)

Our Route

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