The Trilogy 2015 Part III – The Mouse Ears and Cold Beers Tour

Our final tour of 2015 will involve less miles than the previous two trips this year (Rome, Easter 2015 and France, August 2015), but will be no less hectic…

The plan is to brave the Channel Tunnel again and then head to Disneyland Paris, where we will meet up with family for the weekend.  Then we will head east and pick up the Mossel River at the German border and follow it until it joins the Rhine at Koblenz.  Then back to the UK via Brussels.

There will only be three of us again this time, along with the dog.  Older kids will be house sitting under a watchful eye.

The Plan – Yellow dots are stopovers, green dots are where we have been before and purple dots are reserve stopovers. 

Total Miles = 884
Total Driving Hours = 18
Diesel Litres = 183
Diesel Cost = £196
Night Stay Cost = £64

Channel Tunnel = Free, used Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Disneyland Tickets = Already got Annual Passes

Total Costs = £260
Average Cost / Day = £23.63


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