Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, France to Home via the Euro Tunnel

Back home today with a relatively easy dog Pet Passport check-in and Euro Tunnel crossing, which was only 30 minutes later than our booked crossing.  Not an immigrant in sight – Must have been too early in the morning for them and from what we can gather they seem to be more active at night.  Operation Stack was also absent so a clear run home.

Sadly, the 3 of us have to go home. Unlike this German van…

Below is a map of the trip:

Data from our Tracker for the whole Tour:

Vehicle Registration: N5 XXL
Name / Fleet No: Fiat Ducato
Date from: 30th July 2015
Date to: 10th August 2015
Total Mileage: 1642.3 miles
Total driving time: 43 hrs
Average Speed: 44 mph

The conclusion of the Trilogy 2015 should be in October…  Follow this Blog to get email updates when we blast off again.

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