Le Mans to Saint Valery Sur Somme, France

Today saw us hit the North Coast of France for our last full day and depressingly we could now see England 😦

We chose a seaside town hoping that tourists would encourage anything to be open, our morning drive was through deserted towns where even the large supermarkets where closed as it was Sunday.

The small town of Saint Valery Sur Somme was a quaint fishing town and it seemed it was the place to be. We parked up in a large aire in the centre of the town and walked to the sea front, it was definitely Sunday strolling day, the place was full of life and people enjoying the sunshine.

We sat in a bar over looking the water to have a drink and were joined by loads of hairy bikers, proper tough Hells Angels. We drank up and moved on. The next pit stop was a traditional looking pub garden, you entered the garden through a strange ice cream cafe and were greeted by an enthusiastic French girl who wanted to show off her English. Neil selected a beer from the list and I mistakenly copied and ordered the same, Lucy went safe with a coke and strawberry ice cream. The laughter commenced when the waiter walked towards us with what looked like three cokes, turned out our beer was more like ale and tasted like warm John Smiths – yuk, we did not stay for another.

The plan for dinner went out the window as Neil could not walk past the 4th or 5th restaurant with moules on the menu. The ham in the slow cooker in the van would be left to eat cold in sandwiches and we took a seat under some umbrellas in a restaurant garden.

Lucy ordered a steak which was huge and Neil had the biggest mountain of moules ever, a really nice final supper was enjoyed before an early night ready for our morning blast to Calais for a 9am tunnel.

Overnight Location: Saint Valery Sur Somme – 50.18276°N 1.62833°E

Overnight Cost: €10

Overnight Location Website

Google Map Link


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