Le Littoral Camping Village to Le Mans, France

Slightly cooler weather today due to cloud cover was a lovely change. We all much prefer the temp in the 20s not 30s or 40s!

I completed domestic laundry chores while Neil took Lucy for another swim. The laundrette was the social place to be, absolutely rammed with people, busy coming and going all morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the people watching and spotting red trousers being washed.

After another go on the giant inflatable playground and a wander round the campsite shop we decided we’d exhausted the French equivalent of Haven and although we had paid for two nights we would move on. I have no idea how people spend a whole week sometimes two on the same site.

Slightly depressingly we were now heading North, the beginning of the actual journey home. BUT it was Saturday and Saturday meant a night out was in order so a town we would find and fun would be had.

We chose Le Mans for our night out, the Aire was on a river in a marina, a short walk to the town. We parked up and headed for the main square. With no research the only thing we knew about Le Mans was the 24 hour race, we didn’t find anything else of interest but lots of bars and restaurants.

One thing we saw zero of was tourists or touristy anything. We looked at a few menus outside the restaurants round the main square but all had very French food and no English translations, it would be pot luck what we would be eating. Neil’s google translate app came in very helpful and Lucy had hours of fun with the new camera feature which translates signs and menus.

After a quick check on trip advisor we decided we’d be safe with Italian, we had a lovely meal and then pub crawled the Irish bars, which their were a few back to the van.

Motorhome Stopover: Le Mans Aire – 48.00222°N 0.18928°E

Overnight Motorhome Stopover Price: Free

Overnight Location Website

Google Maps Link


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