Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium to Giffaumont, France

Today we returned to a stopover that we’d previously visited in cooler times during our ‘All Roads lead to Rome’ tour in April – Today was much different and definitely hotter!

We initially parked up in an Aire away from the action and strolled quite a way to find the beach. Walking back to the van to get our swimmers we discovered a much closer Aire so decided to move, we ended up next to a British van in a lovely space minutes from the beach and unbelievably only €6 for the night!

Lucy took her killer whale Willy for a swim in the lake whilst we sat in the shade with Rory, she could have stayed there for hours but we were slowly cooking so we headed back to the van.

The walk back to the van was via tac shops and a trampoline which Lucy thought would be fun but changed her mind when the lady spoke zero English and the harness hurt her crotch. Boy did we laugh at her efforts to do a back flip.
Returning to the van for dinner found the inside still more than 30 degrees so we ate outside then stayed there for a few beverages while Lucy went in for a movie.


Overnight Location: Giffaumont, France – 48.55006°N 4.76857°E

Overnight Cost: €6

Overnight Location Website

Google Map Link

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