Home to Tournai, Belgium (via Folkestone)

Day One – Blast off

Due to the recent media reports making Calais look like a war zone we opted to arrive earlier than scheduled for our Tunnel crossing. We had heard people had spent hours enjoying the M20 scenery so we took seaside route and set off early. Arriving in Folkestone many hours early having seen no traffic queues at all we met up with Jo, Ava, Bea and Thor for fish n chips.

Folkestone Harbour  


We got lucky and were allowed an early tunnel crossing – best Channel Tunnel crossing ever.

Lots of blue flashing lights greeted us in Calais, we had never seen so many French police but we only actually saw two immigrants.

We quickly blasted away from Calais and arrived in our camperstop in Tournai, Belgium in the early hours.

 Tournai Aire


Overnight Stop: Tournai Aire – 50.60463°N 3.38071°E

Overnight Cost: Free

Overnight Stop Website

Google Map Link

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