Riva del Garda, Italy

Karrina’s Diary

Our delightful Spanish neighbours kindly woke us just before 7sm when they decided to bang, crash and shout a lot whilst packing up to leave, if I’d have know where Lucy’s cross bow was they’d have got it! After managing to snooze back to sleep the carpark road sweep decided to do laps around our van at just before 8am, so much for our rest day lie in.

With the sun shining we ate breakfast in shorts and t-shirts at the lake side. Lucy begun kindly sharing her breakfast with the birds and ducks but soon moved back to the van to dispose of her left overs when a very keen swan got out the water to investigate.

With only a small drive to do today we decided to go to a local super market and stock up with essentials. Last year I managed to buy a Pope tea towel in this supermarket so I was hoping they would still have them, they did not 😦

Lake Garda night 2 stopover turned out to be in a German resort, out of the twenty or so vans in the site we were the only British, there was two or three Italians and the rest were Germans. Best thing about this was the onsite bar sold King Ludwigs and Paulina beer 👍 It also had a football pitch and play park with climbing wall for Lucy.

The lake was a tiny walk away via shops, bars and restaurants. We actually found the Pope tea towels in a little tat shop so stopped to buy more souvenirs.We sat for ice creams in a court yard when a large group of ladies walked by in printed hoodies, they looked so British it was untrue. As one of the only men in the group walked towards the bar we were outside, I asked where they were from and what they were doing, initially he did not realise we were British so he said in a very loud clear voice that he was from England, when I said no shit Sherlock he realised we were British!  It turned out he was with a choir from Titchfield, small world.

We chose not to stay and watch the community choir and took the scenic lakeside walk back toward the van. The route took us passed a large play park with more monkey bars, lucky for Lucy the play park had its own bar so she was allowed a play for a while😄 Lucy promptly made friends with an Italian girl who was roughly her age and again did not want to leave.

We soon realised that as well as a huge number of Germans the resort was cyclist mad. Never seen so many lime green lycra wearers, my go Bradley chant became boring.

We checked out the menus of a few of the local restaurant an opted for one who had margarita pizzas for only €4.50. We were shown to a table tucked out the way near no other diners, this was initially odd but even stranger when no-one came to serve us. We sat for approximately 10 mins before all agreeing to walk out, I had managed to eat three packets of bread sticks in the mean time.

The next restaurant was much busier but also far more friendly, we were seated and served in seconds. Lucy picked pizza for dinner yet again, this must now have been her tenth of the holiday 👍 I again reminded her that we would soon be in Germany and sausages would be on the menu, this did not please her.

Having been out all day 9pm felt like midnight so it was back to the van for our first early night of the tour.

Daily Details

Daily Trip – 54 Miles

Total Trip – 1875 Miles

Countries Visited – Italy

Overnight Motorhome Stopover Link

Overnight Motorhome Parking Cost – €12

Overnight Sat Nav Coordinates – N 45.87947,  E 10.85899

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