Florence, Italy

Karrina’s Diary

A small drive from Pisa to Florence was rather uneventful but the weather did improved as we drove and we arrived in Florence to sunshine.

The newly built campsite had much needed facilities including laundry and nice shower block. Lucy who thought she could go another week before having a shower was even impressed with the showers as they had designated kids cute showers and toilets, she asked very loudly if I thought dwarfs would use them or the adults.

The reception provided a map to find the nearest bus stop which would take us to the centre, other than a Hard Rock Cafe no-one really knew what else we needed to see in Florence or how we would know when to get off the bus. Luckily it was obviously and the centre of Florence saw us wonder round spotting statues of nude men.

After popping to The Hard Rock Cafe to get the all important Hurrican Keeper Glass Lucy begged to go on a merry go round, at only €1 she could go round a few times.

A lucky find of an Irish pub with a really cheap menu saw Lucy have pizza for dinner for the 3rd night running, she declared she would have pizza everyday while in Italy.

A lookie lookie man saw Garf coming and he couldn’t not buy Amy a red rose, the rose was then later stolen from her bag by a chocolate labrador who chewed it up and scattered it all over the pavement. Amy tried to protest to its owner but he was laughing too much to take her serious, perhaps mine and Neil’s laughter did not help.

No-one was brave enough to try finding the correct bus stop to get back to site and then actually sit on the bus so we hailed a taxi to take us back. The friendliest ever taxi driver tried his best to answer all Neil’s sensible questions and he also joined in with Garf’s football chat. Lucy giggled the whole way back as she was bundled into the cab on Amy’s lap before the driver realised there were too many of us.


Daily Details

Daily Trip – 70 Miles

Total Trip – 1088 Miles

Countries Visited – Italy

Overnight Motorhome Stopover Link

Overnight Motorhome Parking Cost – €28

Overnight Location Map

Overnight Sat Nav Coordinates –  N 43.76598, E 11.31596

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