Pisa, Italy

Karrina’s Diary

To our surprise we woke to find the camping field filling up, who turns up on site at 8am on a Saturday- the crazy Italians do 😜

We promptly packed up in the rain and luckily managed to get ourselves off the grass, Gareth had been prepped to ask the friendly 85 year old owner to pull him off but this was not necessary. Avoiding scrapping on the ramp out we set off heading for Pisa.

Today would be our first bit of Italian culture, we had our first small glimps of the tower as we drove by to find our campsite due to the awful rain at this point we thought this would be all we would get!

Pisa camping had to be so far the friendliest, well we couldnt actually open our doors without hitting our neighbours on both sides, they like to cram you in.

We thankfully picked up a satellite signal and sky sports football saturday would be the entertainment whilst we waited for the rain to stop. Lucy made a great van waitress and cooked us Pisa pizza whilst serving beers.

Finally the rain stopped so we headed off to find the culture. We walked for a while randomly following crowds, how hard could it be to find a gigantic leaning tower… An hour later we were still walking and no closer to finding it. In deseration and failing light I approached the strangest looking group of tourists and asked them for directions, luckily they were Brits and provided great directions. We found the smaller than expected tower just before sunset and got the all important photos 👍

Pisa provided the first tat shop opportunity, their 99c shop was a tad dissapointing as it actually had nothing that cost 99c it did however have amazing souviner hats which I obviously had to purchase.

Another pub crawl followed – more bad toilets, bars which felt like peoples living rooms and funny beers. Lucy ordered a crepe which she declared was just as good as Sprinkles in Southampton, so all was good.




Daily Details

Daily Trip – 220 Miles

Total Trip – 1018 Miles

Countries Visited – Italy

Overnight Motorhome Stopover Link

Overnight Motorhome Parking Cost – €12

Overnight Location Map

Overnight Sat Nav Coordinates – N 43.72104, E 10.42064

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