The Viking Beer Tour

A half term whistle stop tour taking in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. City centres and local beers will feature heavily on this trip and we will hopefully be staying nowhere longer than 24 hours.
The team for this trip is smaller than some previous big trips with one motorhome, 3 adults, one little kid and one big dog. For some there will be nostalgia and memories on this trip, but for all there will be plenty of new places and experiences.
Highlights will hopefully include: St Omer, Amsterdam, Osnabruck, Gutersloh, Dummersee, Kiel, Hamburg, Sonderborg, Hameln, the Warsteiner Brewery Trip, Dusseldorf and Brugges.

Click here to read all about it – The Viking Beer Tour

IMG_2491          large_wimg_5_5_1414024400_the-viking-tour-2014

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