Coming Soon… Our next XXL Motorhome Tour

Next week we will be setting off on our next XXL Motorhome Tour.  We are hoping to visit France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Belgium. The plan involves camping next to some big lakes, camping in some big cities, crossing the Alps and visiting four Hard Rock Cafes. Unusually for us, the crew will change during the Tour.

We will be writing our usual Blog and providing a link to our latest Live Tracker, so you can follow us around Europe in real time. We will also be on Twitter – @N5_XXL

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Day 9 – Hans-Sur-Lesse to Tournai, Belgium

3 June 2017

Having eaten out the night before Dasvid and Lisa had a defrosted mixed grill to eat for breakfast, so a slow get up saw a cooked breakfast before heading off to the wildlife park. This was good for our sore heads from all the strange drinks the night before. 

Due to the thunder storms the wildlife park was quite quiet, it was still warm so it was funny to see the French and Belgium people all with their coats and long trousers- weirdos. 

The tractor safari was fun, we saw plenty of animals and sites. The hour and half flew by and we were back at the start in no time. 

From Hans-Sur-Lesse we headed to Tounai this is a nice town not too far for the return trip to Calais in the morning best of all it’s a free stopover right in the centre of town.

On the drive into Tournai we saw large posters advertising a pop concert, we didn’t expect it to be in the actual town and free. As we walked into the main square you couldn’t miss the huge stage and as the evening went on the square got busier and busier. After a nice Italian meal we stood in the crowds to watch for a while but as Patrick somebody, apparently a very famous French celebrity came on stage we decided to leave. 

It soon became apparent the hundreds of people at the concert had all parked in our car park! It was rammed, every tiny bit of space had a car in it we hoped the concert goers would return quietly. The concert ended with a firework display which when it started filled us all with fear thinking it was gun shots, we were relieved when we saw the fireworks above the trees. It was nice of them to put on fireworks for our final evening and the polite Belgium party goers did return quietly as the car park was empty in the morning and we didn’t hear a thing. 

From here it will be a boring drive back to the Tunnel and then home.  The next Tour will be in July…

Overnight Location: Tournai, Belgium

Overnight Cost: Free

Overnight Coordinates: 50.60463°N 3.38071°E

Live Tracker:

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Day 8 – Malmedy to Hans-Sur-Lesse, Belgium

2 June 2017

Feeling slightly cooler when we went to bed we didn’t put the aircon on over night and boy did we know it. We woke to a very humid hot van, even sitting outside it felt muggy like a thunder storm was needed, it stayed like this most of the day! 

From Malmedy we drove via a dam which was filmed in part of The Missing 2. We stopped at the damn for lunch in a picnic area where the police soon arrived to tell us we could return at night but couldn’t park up during the day! Very strange but as we were eating they agreed to let us stay, we wouldn’t stop for long as it was hotter than hell. 

From the dam we headed to Huy which is the town were The Missing was set. We parked up next to the hotel where Baptiste stayed and took a walk round the pretty town. The Motorhome parking was next to a very busy road and under a bridge where homeless people were gathering, we decided to move on and look for a better night stopover. On the way out we spotted the Eden Hotel that was also in the series.

Being a Friday night we needed quite a large aire as we thought they could have been busy, looking through camper contacts most of the near aires only had 2/3 spaces which would be too risky. We headed to Hans-Sur-Lesse parking we had used before so felt safe.

To our surprise the aire was quite empty, strange for the time of year and a Friday. We picked two spaces with electric and decided to take a stroll round the village. 

Lucy quickly realised where we were and remembered the village is next to a wildlife park with a safari train, she declared we would be going on that in the morning. 

The plan was to pop into a beer garden for a pint before then taking the dogs back to the van and then head out for dinner but as a band set up on the stage in the beer garden one drink lead to another and then dinner was ordered and we were there for the night. 

After a lovely dinner I decided everyone should try a different beer from the large beer menu, after all we were in Belgium so it would have been rude not to. I then noticed a drink called a lady men on the menu which I promptly ordered for myself and a Marc de Gewurtztraminer for Lisa. We have no idea what we drank but mine tasted like cognac. 

The band turned out to be a French cover band, they literally sang well known songs but in French, it was comical. As the live music got worse a thunderstorm then hit, huddled under an umbrella we all tried to stay dry and had to drink more to avoid walking back in the downpour. 

The thunderstorm finally passed and it had done a good job of clearing the air, we stumbled back to the vans after a great night. 

Overnight Location: Han-Sur-Lesse, Belgium

Overnight Cost: €11

Overnight Coordinates: 50.12764°N 5.18798°E

Eupen Dam Aire Coordinates: 50.61994°N 6.09108°E

Huy Aire Coordinates: 50.51664°N 5.23454°E

Live Tracker:

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Day 7 – Andernach, Germany to Malmedy, Belgium

1 June 2017

A German supermarkado trip was required today along with a visit to the vets. Neil set off early with the dogs leaving the rest of us at site while he went in search for a vet, we did begin to worry after a few hours but he finally returned with stamped passports and happy dogs.

Servicing the vans before leaving Neil opted to leave our engine running as it has been a little temperamental starting after short on /offs, this obviously wasn’t the done thing as a crazy little irate German lady began shouting at us and shacking her fists. Neil shouted back as I crapped myself and hid in the back, I did chuckle when Neil yelled it’s caput in his best German accent. 
The supermarket was great and we stocked up with loads of funny food, drinks and souvenirs. The Burger King in the car park proved too tempting so Whoopers and Royales were a must. 

Today we ticked off the Missing part of our tour name but visiting the town where the TV series The Missing 2 was filmed. We found the square where Alice Webster stumbled back into the Christmas market having been missing for years and stopped for a drink or two sitting in the shade to keep cool.

We spent the evening drinking Bitburger from our own kegs at the vans, some people were better at pouring than others with often drinks requiring flakes. This aire was much quieter than the previous one but a group of Belgian vans did turn up late at near 11pm but there was still plenty of ro

Overnight Location: Malmedy, Belgium

Overnight Cost: €5

Overnight Coordinates: 50.42292°N 6.03046°E

Live Tracker:

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